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Meet the Team

​​​​Owner, Scott Sinan, a 5th degree black belt in Taekwondo has been teaching Tae Kwon Do, Self Defense, Kickboxing, and Strength Training classes for over 20 years. He has trained, mentored, and guided his instructor's to carry out his approach to fitness within the structure of the studio's classes. Scott's philosophy in making fitness approachable, exciting, fresh, and packed with punches is what pushes members to the next level. The Studio Fit team drives motivation, encourages the willing, and fuels the passion, for those seeking a fitness destination. The Studio Fit team strives towards delivering effective classes ensuring members feel strong, empowered, and accomplished after each workout. If you are looking for a fitness culture, to get in and get it done, while having a blast blow-by-blow, and achieving what you thought could never be done, kickboxing with Studio Fit is guaranteed to deliver! 

Jeanette Perry: Studio Fit & Rock Steady Manager
Group Fitness Instructor/CPT/Health Coach/Rock Steady Coach

Jeanette Perry is one of our Managers, Fitness Instructors, and Rock Steady Coaches. A Sonoma State University graduate who was born and raised in Petaluma makes her feel right at home in the old school hometown kickboxing studio. Fitness is not just a career choice for her but a way of life. Originally, a 2006 studio member, Jeanette found her special niche in kickboxing fitness after putting on her first pair of gloves. Prior experience teaching group aerobics, combined with her natural motivating passion for fitness directed her career path into a trainer and coach. Jeanette strives towards making her clients and studio members get the most out of their workouts. She has a flair for creating some of our most challenging yet funniest classes in the Studio Fit. 

"It's incredibly rewarding to be a part of people's fitness journey; helping them transform their routines into healthy habits and choices makes the journey all worth the while." 

Yulianna Zyrianov: Martial Arts USA Manager - 4th Degree Black Belt

Martial Arts Instructor/​Fitness Instructor


Yulianna Zyrianov is our Martial Arts USA Manager and has been training with Scott since 1999. She has competed in multiple cities, states, and countries in Taekwondo and has a passion for kicking things! She was raised in Sonoma County, and after graduating from Sonoma State University with a B.S. in Chemistry, she could not see herself parting with her MAUSA Family and became a permanent leader in the taekwondo community! Our social butterfly is more commonly known as "Yuli," around the studio and town. Don't let her martial arts career fool you, she is one tough cookie, but she packs a lot of fun and silliness into her classes! 

"There is no point in doing a workout that doesn't give you results. BUT more importantly, there is no point in doing a workout that doesn't involve good music, good company, and a few good laughs!"

Nicole Hupke  
Fitness Instructor/Rock Steady Coach

Nicole has been taking kickboxing classes with Studio Fit for 7+ years now. She just recently completed the Rock Steady Boxing Coaching Training. She is very excited to start teaching to help fight back against Parkinson's! Hitting and kicking a bag is where she feels the strongest and most confident. When she is not working out you can find her riding her bike, hiking, wine tasting and playing with her new puppy!

Fun Fact: Her brother earned his black belt at Martial Arts USA 14 years ago when he was 10 and now her dad participates/assists in teaching Rock Steady Boxing. - Martial Arts USA is a family affair!

In Memory of Katie Mikel
Fitness Lover


Katie's passion for fitness was very apparent. She had an ability to help others get stronger and more confident. She loved the outdoors and the simplicity of a good time, good company and a good workout. She will forever be a motivator and positive role models to all who knew her. 

Thea Wraith
Fitness Instructor/ACE Group Fitness


Thea has been a member at Studio Fit for over 9 years and has a passion for fitness and kickboxing. Thea was born and raised in Petaluma and began her career working with the community teaching swim lessons for the City of Petaluma. She went on to teach water aerobics, aqua therapy and was a certified group fitness instructor. Thea went to Santa Rosa Junior College where she studied kinesiology, fitness and nutrition. She lives in Petaluma with her husband and 4 kiddos and is excited to be part of the Studio Fit team!

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Scott Sinan: Owner - 5th Degree Black Belt
Fitness Instructor/Self-Defense Coach/Rock Steady Coach


Scott Sinan is a Master Martial Artist. He has hundreds of kids and adults who have benefited by his positive philosophy on life, fitness programs, kindness, and generosity in his field. He is the owner of Studio Fit and Martial Arts USA. Scott began teaching fitness classes back in 1996, specifically taebo/fitness kickboxing classes. His instructor Will Yun lee started teaching the classes after learning from Billy Blanks and it caught on. Scott decided to expand, sometimes there was not enough room for every one who wanted to take his classes. His kickboxing classes are like no other anywhere. The combination of traditional kickboxing and rhythmic movement while kicking and hitting creates a work out that engages every part of your body and system. Scott’s open mind, pursuit of spiritual and physical well being and generosity provides the foundation for the success of his members. He has quite the following, come and see for yourself..

Tim Seo

Fitness Instructor/TRX-Suspension Band Certification

Tim joins the Studio Fit team with an emphasis on TRX/Suspension Band training. Tim is a qualified TRX Force Operator, and comes with a diverse background of fitness, including Taekwondo, Judo, wrestling, and rugby. Tim has also proudly been serving in the military since 2011. He is a proud father of 4, two of whom are in Martial Arts USA. Tim loves a good workout, sweating out his stress, and encourages others to do the same.