Kickboxing (Bag Classes): No matter what fitness level, you will love the Bag Classes at Studio Fit. There is nothing like it at anyplace. Take one and try to replace it somewhere else you won't find it. In this class each person has their own kickboxing bag.  There is a 10 minute warm up 30 Minutes of bag work, 10-15 minutes of conditioning and a 5 minute cool down. (This is a great class for beginners). *Gloves are required. Loaner gloves are provided for first timers.

Power Kick: This class will cover all the fundamentals of kickboxing, from front kicks to roundhouses to back kicks, plus jab, cross and hook punching techniques. The classes focus is not about speed, it’s about power!!! Although  you will get it all; cardio, agility drills, combos on the bag, mitt work and strength conditioning. Having a tough day need to get some stress out? This is the class for you!​ (Great class to try for your first class)

Interval Strength Training: We have different interval strength classes. Tuesday nights are low impact strength training for 45 minutes; Thursday nights are 45 minutes of higher impact and faster paced for the more experienced athlete and our Saturday morning class mixes intervals of high impact cardio exercises and strength training using a mix of weights, resistance bands and body weight for a 60 minute full body workout. β€‹β€‹

Classes We offer: